Sprite Viral Ad


This viral ad was made for Sprite, but you would never know until the very end of the ad.  It is made out to look just like a home video.  I think the video is pretty funny, yet far fetched.  I feel like there is no way the guy would really fly that far from the chair, which makes it seem more unrealistic even though it looks like a home video.  The ad definitely catches people’s attention because it keeps people wondering what is going to happen when it shows the guys tying the band around the statue.  I don’t like how the end of the ad has a bleeped out “bad word”.  I think it takes away from the ad.  It wasn’t necessary at all to cuss in the ad.  I think the ad was funny enough without adding a bad word at the end.

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X-Travel Viral Ad


This is a viral ad for a travel agency called X-Travel.  The video shows an airplane that appears to be crashing into the ocean.  When the plane hits the water, the flotation device inflates and people come out of the plane in swimming suits.  The passengers start jumping out of the plane happily as if they landed the plane their on purpose.

This ad could represent the travel ad negatively because of the plane crashing.  It could create a sense of fear withing the viewers that makes them not want to use their travel agency because of lack of safety.

On the other hand, this ad could make more people want to use their agency because it portrays itself as a very “fun” agency.  The image of people jumping out of the plane ready to have fun could make the viewers think that they will have that much fun if they travel with X-Travel.

I feel as if this ad could make people react in two very opposite ways, either being afraid to use the agency or wanting to use the agency because of how fun it seems to be.

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Coca Cola Viral Ad


This video is a viral ad made for the Coca-Cola brand.  This ad isn’t the best quality of video, but in my opinion it is very entertaining and creative.  Sometimes I feel as if  viral ads give people more room to be creative because they don’t have to be as professional as ads that are on television.

I think viral ads can be very persuasive to mass audiences because they seem more “real” then the professional ones sometimes.  They may not be as high quality, but they can be more entertaining at times.  Viral ads also have a downfall of being not professional, because people might not see the brand as seriously as they should.  With Coca-Cola, it is easy to do viral ads because it is such a well-known brand.

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ZOO: Viral Marketing


I decided to do my blog about a video that explained the whole campaign of a new brand called Zoo that was coming out with a new vehicle called Zebra.  They went so far as to actually build a real zoo for the brand.  I am amazed at all of the different marketing techniques that this brand used.  I think they did a great job with the viral marketing because it caused so many people to talk and interact with one another about the brand.

I thought this video explained the power of viral marketing very well.  The Zebra brand found ways to reach the audience in such interesting ways, it caused everyone to start talking about their ads.  Putting up stickers and printing cryptic messages in public areas made the name and symbol of the brand more well known.

Once the brand made it to social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Bambuser, Myspace, and Youtube, the name became even more popular and the viral end of its marketing grew rapidly.  Everyone began talking about the brand and noticing it, which is exactly what a new brand wants.

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As We May Think

After reading this article, I think Vannevar Bush was a very brilliant man.  The way he describes the devices is so similar to actual inventions.  He was very creative with his thinking.  I can’t imaging thinking of the things he thought of so intricately in that time period.

The article is very inspiring for people to dream big and come up with ideas that may seem impossible at the moment, because it is obviously very possible for the ideas to be made into real things one day.  It is a good way to look at things for the future, because the ideas may not be possible now, but they could be very easy to make possible in the future.

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Viral Marketing: Volkswagen


I thought this viral ad was very clever.  It catches the viewers attention and makes them want to keep watching to see what happens next.  The ad was very creative and different.  This video is from a campaign called “The Fun Theory” that was created to promote BlueMotion Technologies, which is a company that creates cars that are better for the environment.

This ad shows how doing something that is better for yourself is easier when it is made fun.  I think the point Volkswagen is trying to get across is that doing things that are better for yourself, or others, or in their case the environment is much easier when it is made fun.  This makes their campaign “The Fun Theory”, a lot more fun for people to help the environment.

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My First Blog: About Me

Hello there!  I’m Tayler Zinanti.  I am 20 years old and have lived in Pueblo, Colorado my whole life.  I am a student at CSU-Pueblo studying mass communications with emphasis in integrated communications.  I work at the college radio station Rev 89, and am also a captain of the dance team at the college.  It is my third year in college. 

I enjoy getting to know new people and getting involved in various activities or groups.  I am a big familiy person and spend most of my spare time with my family when I am not in school, at the radio station, or at dance.  I also enjoy reading, running, and listening to music whenever I get the chance.  I still live at home with my parents.  I have a younger brother named Hunter who is a sophomore in high school this year.  I also have a dog named Harley.

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