Finnair Commercial

I thought this video was pretty entertaining.  Apparently this guy expected his boss to be back later than he was from his flight, so he messed around with all of the stuff in his office.  The commercial is implying that this airline is much more on time than other airlines are.  The video kept my attention the whole time because I was waiting for his boss to walk in the room.  I thought this was a pretty entertaining commercial, and I liked that it was super short too, so I didn’t have to wait a long time to see what happens.


About Tayler Z

I am a student at CSU-Pueblo studying Mass Communications with emphasis in integrated communication. It is currently my third year of college. I work at the college radio station Rev 89 and am also the captain of the dance team at the college. I enjoy reading, running, listening to music, hanging out with family, and dancing in my spare time.
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2 Responses to Finnair Commercial

  1. girlwiththeredpen says:

    You’re right, this commercial was very entertaining. When I first started watching it I had it muted and I still found it enjoyable, which shows that he did a good job acting–his body language communicated his hesitation at first and then complete abandonment at taking over the office. Sliding on the carpet was the perfect final touch LOL. Great find!

  2. espi33 says:

    This was pretty hilarious! i’m like you and like the commercials that are short and sweet! i don’t know if you’ve seen the lebron james commercial but its pretty much like watching a mini movie. I liked it but after awhile you almost forget what its about lol

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