The Social Network

The Social Network ended up being very different from what I expected it to be.  It was a bit depressing in some ways because of the main character.  They made Mark Zuckerberg look like a very easily persuaded person.  Zuckerberg is a very socially inept person in this movie.  I think that Zuckerberg was so obsessed with the social experience because he didn’t know how to have one.  When someone can’t have something, it usually makes them want it more.

I think that not having these social experiences drew Zuckerberg to making websites like Facesmach, The Facebook, and Facebook.  Since Zuckerberg couldn’t connect to the real world, we wanted to find a way to have a social experience with people.  Since he knew so much about the internet and websites, I’m sure making a social website was the first thing he thought of doing to solve this problem.

I feel as if there are many people like Mark Zuckerberg in the present that lack social skills in the real world, but turn to the internet to have social experiences.  Maybe it is because now there are so many social networks to interact that people feel as if they don’t need to connect to others in the real world, or maybe there are just other people out there who don’t have real world social skills just like Zuckerberg.   I feel as if people are losing touch in the real world and that social networks are taking over the social experience.  It is almost as if Zuckerberg changed the whole social experience by not being able to socially interact in the real world.  This reminds me of the saying, “if you don’t like something, change it”.


About Tayler Z

I am a student at CSU-Pueblo studying Mass Communications with emphasis in integrated communication. It is currently my third year of college. I work at the college radio station Rev 89 and am also the captain of the dance team at the college. I enjoy reading, running, listening to music, hanging out with family, and dancing in my spare time.
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