Coca Cola Viral Ad

This video is a viral ad made for the Coca-Cola brand.  This ad isn’t the best quality of video, but in my opinion it is very entertaining and creative.  Sometimes I feel as if  viral ads give people more room to be creative because they don’t have to be as professional as ads that are on television.

I think viral ads can be very persuasive to mass audiences because they seem more “real” then the professional ones sometimes.  They may not be as high quality, but they can be more entertaining at times.  Viral ads also have a downfall of being not professional, because people might not see the brand as seriously as they should.  With Coca-Cola, it is easy to do viral ads because it is such a well-known brand.


About Tayler Z

I am a student at CSU-Pueblo studying Mass Communications with emphasis in integrated communication. It is currently my third year of college. I work at the college radio station Rev 89 and am also the captain of the dance team at the college. I enjoy reading, running, listening to music, hanging out with family, and dancing in my spare time.
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One Response to Coca Cola Viral Ad

  1. rieckphil says:

    I have to agree I thought that was a good ad. I’m sure it must have been shot in better quality, I don’t see any reason why that ad couldn’t be on TV. However I think the best thing about viral ads is that they don’t have to follow the rules that other ads have to follow. They can push the envelope a bit which can be very persuasive.

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