Viral Marketing: Volkswagen

I thought this viral ad was very clever.  It catches the viewers attention and makes them want to keep watching to see what happens next.  The ad was very creative and different.  This video is from a campaign called “The Fun Theory” that was created to promote BlueMotion Technologies, which is a company that creates cars that are better for the environment.

This ad shows how doing something that is better for yourself is easier when it is made fun.  I think the point Volkswagen is trying to get across is that doing things that are better for yourself, or others, or in their case the environment is much easier when it is made fun.  This makes their campaign “The Fun Theory”, a lot more fun for people to help the environment.


About Tayler Z

I am a student at CSU-Pueblo studying Mass Communications with emphasis in integrated communication. It is currently my third year of college. I work at the college radio station Rev 89 and am also the captain of the dance team at the college. I enjoy reading, running, listening to music, hanging out with family, and dancing in my spare time.
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3 Responses to Viral Marketing: Volkswagen

  1. blog336 says:

    Oh, I loved this youtube video. I had seen it before, clicked on it and watched it but I didn’t consider it an actual ad. And just now I actually clicked on another one of their ads, the deepest trash bin because I knew it would be interesting to watch!
    I wonder how much it cost to make both of the “setups” because it seemed to have such an impact on the people who interacted with it. It makes me wonder how much weight people could lose in this “overweight” society if their everyday activities like walking and taking the stairs were more “fun.”
    Interesting, I would have played on it like Tom Hanks, “Big” style. Too fun. I might have even come back later in the day. It would be interesting how many people got off at this stop and walked further just because they knew these stairs and this keyboard existed.

  2. Adrian says:

    I do agree with you it is a very cleaver way to promote there band and give their brand image a boost as well. changing public appeal. In todays AD market all brands need to be very creative in how they project there image to the public and i feel the did a great job doing it.

  3. 4thenguyen says:

    I feel that the “fun theory” is a wonderful strategy to implement when trying to advertise your company, however I also feel there could be potential drawbacks. The piano stairs themself in this situation kind of seem to overshadow the brand in my opinion. While at the end of the ad they reference Volkswagon, I doubt people would remember it was put on by Volkswagon when they pass the word along.

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